Software for Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

Microinvest offers you a software solution for supermarkets and grocery stores with rich functionality and optimization potential for large-scale daily operations. If you are an owner of a grocery store or chain of stores, the POS (Point of Sale) solution of Microinvest will provide you with invaluable assistance in the management of all processes: deliveries, sales, revision, refunds, invoices, discounts and promotions, publishing and editing of documents. Our software solution manages the work of many facilities, remote from one another, by recording all transactions in real time. The special application Microinvest Warehouse Pro Web allows you to track your inventories from anywhere in the world by remotely accessing the database through a web address. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Point of Sale solution has the functionality of being synchronized with video control systems. Through the integration of a video surveillance system, each operation can be easily controlled by being visualized on the screen. Thus, you can monitor both the physical sale of the product and its recording in the software. The workplace of the cashier is fully optimized – the entry in the system can be achieved only by entering a username and a password or by using an individual magnetic card. This characteristic feature allows for only a certain list of predefined operations with predetermined levels of access to be performed (for example, working with certain groups of products, opening a new order, selecting specific products and issuing and printing documents). The POS application gives you the opportunity to work with Touch Screen monitors, scan products with barcode scanners, print fiscal and non-fiscal receipts, issue X and Z reports and receive different types of payments – by cash, by card, by vouchers or mixed.

Software for Boutiques and Perfumery Stores

Microinvest Warehouse Pro, the software solution of Microinvest for perfume shops and boutiques, will help you manage your shop with outstanding speed and accuracy. This enhanced working tool will make your business more efficient and more profitable. To use it, it is not necessary to have special IT knowledge or training; rather, its user-friendly interface makes it convenient for everyone to operate it. Our software solution is optimized for working fast – one can automatically checking items via a barcode scanner or manually selecting items by code or by name or part of it. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light allows you to set discounts for different groups of items, as well as different programs for loyal customers. Each sale can be completed in a different way of payment – cash, with card, with voucher or mixed. Microinvest offers a flexible software system that can manage both a single store and a chain of stores. Adding a new store in the system is a very quick and easy process, which does not affect the work of the other stores or workstations. In addition, its compatibility to be integrated with a video surveillance system provides optimized security management and additional protection from abuses by staff and customers.

Software for Household and Domestic Appliances Stores

Household and domestic appliances stores offer a variety of products, ranging from electrical appliances to furniture, interior accessories etc. Owing to this product variety, business processes in such stores have many features and complexities that significantly distinguish them from other types of retail establishments. Therefore, only when there is a properly designed information system to account for the specifics of business, will the business operate efficiently. With Microinvestt software automation system, you will have the ability to:  Account for goods in different measures - rolls, square and linear meters;  Perform the sale of goods not only in the store, but also in the warehouse via a predefined model or configuration of product batches  Manage supplies and inventories and group goods in various ways according to certain criteria;  Prepare a report on warranty obligations and expiry terms;  Account for the productivity of each sales representative;  Conduct various marketing campaigns;  Apply diverse and flexible discount campaigns

Software for Automobile Parts Stores

The automation of business for selling automobile parts and associated products has many intrinsic features. These stores offer a wide range of products, grouped in specific ways and positioned in specific store sites, unique for each product. Therefore, it is important for each product to have opportunities for further clarifications and details to be added – a feature delivered by our software solution. Our application also enables the selection of a substitute product in case the original item to be sold is not in stock, issues reports of parts belonging to specific brands of cars, provides smooth interaction with existing automobile catalogs, ensures the proper management of customers’ orders, handles orders to suppliers of spare parts and enables the creation of various schemes of discounts for loyal customers. Thus, our automation system also allows for the creation of management efficiency and reliability.

Software for Construction Materials Stores

The program for automation of construction materials stores caters for the automatic creation of the characteristics of the product at the time of its adoption, the report of goods with non-standard measures (e.g. rolls, square and linear meters), the completion and processing of delivery requests, the accounting of bank loans etc. Another key advantage of our software is its ability to conduct sales not only from the retail store itself, but also from the warehouse where predetermined samples can be traded. Our automation system helps you optimize the flow of supplies and inventories, plan the delivery of goods and manage their distribution.